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IC Auctions, LLC. understands that situations such as bankruptcy, store closings, retirement, etc can create the need to sell everything all at once. We can handle the selling of all of your business inventory, fixtures, equipment and building, if necessary. We will handle the process from start to finish by organizing the inventory and preparing everything for auction. We want to make it as effortless as possible for you.


With IC Auctions, LLC., there are advantages to selling your real estate or land at auction.  The main advantage is that we do not charge the seller a commission.  We are focusing on your property only.  It is not in the mix with many other listed properties.  It can be handled by absolute of reserve auction.  The property is sold "as is, where is", usually closes within 30 days or less and closing costs are split 50/50.  We take great care in advertising your property, in order to draw the crowd needed for a successful auction.


We can handle selling all of your larger pieces of farm equipment and other farm related items, usually in one day. With proper marketing and advertising we can bring a good crowd together to get you top dollar for your equipment.

Please contact IC Auctions, LLC. for additional information about the auction process.

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Estate auctions are a quick and easy way to sell an entire house full of furniture and personal property. If you are moving or have experienced a change in your life or the life of a loved one, then an auction is a very sensible way to sell all of your items. We take care of the entire process from start to finish. We will completely set-up the auction, sell everything on auction day and have your proceeds to you within 3 business days. The beauty of an auction is that at the end of the day, everything has sold and there is no worrying about what to do with leftover items.

In addition to all of the above auctions, we can also provide auction services for Firearms, Vehicles, Coins, Antiques and Charities. Give us a call and let us help you plan a successful auction.

Types of Auctions

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